Onondaga County’s Drug-Free Coalition

A community partnership encouraging multi-strategy, multi-targeted substance abuse prevention.  Funded by the federal Drug-Free Community Support Program, administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which supports community coalitions throughout the United States

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. To recognize the serious problem of alcohol abuse, April is designated “Alcohol Awareness Month.” April 8 marks the annual observance of National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) . At locations across the United States, people can be screened—anonymously—to see if their drinking habits may be risky.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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The Syracuse/Onondaga Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission, first established in the mid 1970s, is one of the oldest community anti-drug coalitions in the United States.  It has a long history in Onondaga County, New York, of establishing prevention programs, promoting initiatives, providing community education and working diligently to reduce substance use/abuse.  This coalition’s present strategic framework integrates a traditional risk reduction approach with community asset-building to reduce youth and adult use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Commission’s Mission Statement

Support existing coalitions comprised of prevention programs, services and initiatives in Syracuse, NY.
Assist collaborative efforts promoting prevention in Onondaga County, NY.
Decrease substance abuse and encourage healthy lifestyles of youth and adults in all communities throughout the county.

See Below For Scheduled Commission Meetings and Link to photos of professional production of Clear Minds Clear Messages winning television media message.

2007 Graphic Design Billboard Winner

Collin Rioux with school advisor Elaine Ormsbee, Gillette Road Middle School

Clear Minds Clear Messages 2007 Media Campaign

The Syracuse/Onondaga Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission provides this media project for local students to further educate about the benefits of “Healthy Choices/Healthy Lifestyles”, as well as the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, other drugs and violence.  It provides students with the opportunity to create their own anti-drug and anti-violence media messages.  The media messages selected in the county-wide judging are then professionally produced into posters, billboards, radio and televison PSAs, t-shirts and postcards.

Partnership With Inpatient Drug Rehab of Ohio (IDRO)

Now Serving New York and Ohio – With our recent partnership we are no proudly able to offer drug treatment in Ohio. We will be able to focus on a multitude of cities throughout the state, but have decided to first focus on inpatient drug rehab Cleveland Ohio as well as private drug treatment in Cincinnati for a number of reasons. First, they are on opposite ends of the state, meaning we can cover a much larger area. The other reason is they offer congruent services, meaning we can help to treat almost everyone we come into contact with through this program.

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